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City 1 Chelsea 3 - links to match reports, pictures and goals

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In the end, it was a reminder for the Premier League's newest billionaires not to get too far ahead of themselves. >>

Eastlands was ready to party. Supporters were decked in Robinho shirts and arab head-dresses to mark the twin arrival at Manchester City of Britain's most expensive footballer and the wealth of the Abu Dhabi royal family. Then an icy blast of reality hit them. >>

MANCHESTER City's new-found wealth could not prevent defeat at the hands of Chelsea despite a debut goal for Brazilian star Robinho. >>MEN

It will take a lot more than one brilliant Brazilian to overturn the Premier League hierarchy. Robinho may have made a thrilling debut in English football, opening the scoring with a deflected free-kick, but ultimately this game merely underlined that the team he spurned are still a marker of excellence for any incalculably rich owner. >>

A necessary reminder that Chelsea are much better than us. Maybe five years after our takeover we'll be this good, but for the time being we are not serious contenders. >>the lonesome death of roy carroll

Despite a dream start for £32.5 million forward Robinho, who opened the scoring with a sensational free-kick, Chelsea gave Manchester City's new Arab owners a lesson in what a team with title ambitions really looks like to spoil the party atmosphere. >>

Forget Ronaldinho and Messi, if Manchester City's new owners really want a player to take the Premier League by storm then Frank Lampard is their man. >>sunday mirror

Robinho marked his Manchester City debut with a goal - but Chelsea spoiled the party with an impressive win to stay top of the Premier League. >> minute by minute report

times online minute by minute report picture gallery

video of all four goals