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Isaksson - 'I'm done'

The Sweden goalkeeper Andreas Isaksson wants to leave Manchester City after claiming he is unhappy with being relegated to the bench. Isaksson has been unable to displace Joe Hart this season, raising doubts about his starting spot for Sweden at Euro 2008 next month.

"It feels like I'm done here now," said Isaksson. "I can't risk staying one more season with the same situation I've had this year. So a move is necessary for me."


No great surprise here, with perhaps the biggest shock that he didn't depart in the January window given Euro 2008 was on the horizon.

Eriksson never appeared to warm to him, but I can't see that a change of manager would prompt a change of heart for the Swede, given the way Joe Hart has stepped up and developed so well this season.

A shame in some respects as his City career has never got going and I feel he was left out in favour of Nicky Weaver for far too long last season, and has never had a real opportunity to prove his worth.