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Bridges burned?

There was a glimmer, albeit slight that countenanced the possibility that Thaksin may yet not to decide to sack Sven at the season end, and that the fans would get their way and Sven would lead the side into next season and beyond.

Even if Thaksin has had a change of heart, it appears that whatever water has passed under the bridge the past few weeks has been enough to either suggest or convince Sven his future does lie elsewhere.

News broke yesterday of a recent meeting held between Benfica officials and Sven to discuss Sven potentially taking over the Portuguese side, and it appears that Benfica are confident of this outcome, with Sven himself not appearing to dismiss the idea.

It has however been reported though that much like Scolari, Sven is playing a waiting game at present, perhaps in the hope that Chelsea will come calling should they dispense with the services of Avram Grant.

Of course, Sven had a very public daliance with Chelsea whilst in charge of England and I'm sure would relish a move to Stamford Bridge. Should this indeed happen, then we would certainly need to brace ourselves for an impending raid on some of our more glittering talents.

Ironic of course isn' it, that after dispensing of Sven's services, he could well wind up being the choice of a side who may well have won a Premier League and Champions League double.

Whilst not the final nail, it seems now certain that Sven is out of the door anytime soon.

Thaksin better hope he can pull the deal for Scolari, or things could messy indeed.