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Thaksin needs to heed the virtue of patience

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Much has been made this week of Thaksin's comments this week regarding his displeasure of the performances and results over the second half of the season.

Whilst the tone has mellowed slightly in the press - from Sven facing the axe to now 'not being backed' it is all a little worrying.

The second half of the season has of course been largely disappointing in comparison to how we were at the turn of the year, but Thaksin would be wise to step back and consider just what has been achieved this season since Sven came in - namely turning around a relegation threatened side into one challenging for Europe. Sven has now though had a year under his belt to get to the know the club and the league, and with the right additions over the summer we should be in a position to progress and kick on further.

Sven has brushed aside the reports this week, and a key factor could be that leading figures around the club appear to be advising Thaksin (correctly) to continue the path that has been taken and that replacing Sven would be a mistake.

A large part of this (and some of the things we have seen previously) is perhaps down to Thaksin's naivety in the world of football, and whilst it is a business, it is a very unique one and you simply cannot turn round the fortunes of something overnight.

Dismissing Sven at this stage would be catastrophic given our current position, and a move that would set us back almost to last summer before Thaksin and Sven arrived. It is also a move I don't expect to happen, but Thaksin appears to be priming himself for a more hands on and active role in the day to day running of the club.

Something that will keep all concerned firmly on their toes.