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Kevin Keegan : Never EVER go back

' I haven't watched a game of football since , when was the last Manchester City Match ? '
'I have all the help I needed since I took the job, but I have not quite been good enough'
He said that Manchester City would be his last job in football and just two weeks ago ruled out a return to club management.
Mike Ashley seems to have changed his mind, and the two of them together obviously buy into the geordie myth that they are a ' big club' 'underachieving' the heart truly is ruling the head.
I don't wish KK any ill , in fact I respect his reign that brought us a brilliant championship season and established us a premiership club before the wind blew out of the sails and, I like the guy !!
One of the saddest sights in football for me was seeing him sat on the bench coat zipped halfway up his face, arms crossed completely clueless as to how tactically to put things right as the money dried up and his knowledge was called into question.
He got measured, he came up short. He wont be with the deluded army for more than a year, i am sure of it.