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Favorite City chants

Dear Bitter and Blue,

At present I am
conducting research into the wonder that is terrace chants for use in a future
Included in the book will be chants old and new, kind and cruel from
clubs all over the country.
It would be a great help in my research if you
could put forward some suggestions from fans so that your club can be
All chants and terrace songs would be welcome but I do ask that
if the chant is based upon a particular song that you could also mention which
song, to ensure the full effect when translated into writing.
Needless to say
your fanzine will receive a mention in the acknowledgements page.

Thank you for any assistance you can lend and best wishes to you
and your team for the rest of the season.


Matt Smith

If anyone has a particular favourite (for whatever reason) that they want to be included, fill up the comments section and I'll forward them onto Matt.