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City's best midfielder

The MEN ran a feature today where Chris Bailey shortlisted his six best midfielders to have played for the club with a quest to establish who was the best - clearly the international week is having a big effect on day to day City news, and with very much an emphasis on the present day there was the suggestion that Elano may well top the pile, not jumping the gun in any way, shape or form.

The six listed were Elano, Ali Bernarbia, Eyal Berkovic, Gio Kinkladze, Ken Barnes and Colin Bell. Now, I never saw Ken Barnes or Colin Bell play so I cannot really comment on their worthiness (suffice to say opinion of those who did is probably good enough to suggest they deserve their place in the City hall of fame), but for me there is no contest as it is Kinkladze for me.

Still to this day if you see any old DVD or youtube footage his skills take your breath away. As goodas Elano will be, or that Bernarbia or Berkovic were they were in the main surrounded by talent and good teams who were succesful.

Kinkladze by contrast was almost a tragic hero figure, his talent shining despite being in some of our worst sides in recent times - something that is used as a knock against him but should elevate him even more given he was a virtual one man time, and often singled out for some brutal attention from opponents (particularly after we were relegated).

During those dark times, it was Kinkladze who stood out, gave us hope and something to believe in. For me, as good as any player may end up being, I cannot see a player surpassing Kinkladze.