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Round up - and look back.

A couple of items not covered this week include Micah Richards apparently on the verge of signing a new long term contract. He's a busy lad as he has also found time to start a column on the BBC website, perhaps underlining his growing reputation in the game.

In other news Valeri Bojinov has returned to the club after having surgery abroad. He has stated he aims to be back much sooner than the expected 5 months and is aiming for just after Christmas.

Two stories resurfaced firstly Sven spoke on Mark Bresciano, stating he remains a target. The sun then ran a story stating we were looking at taking Juan Riquemele on loan, not sure about that one as good a player as he is, a midfield creator is not our main priority and secondly could he even be signed on loan ?

Finally a belated happy birthday to Malcolm Allison who turned 80 this week, and looking book through youtube i came across this page , i urge all fellow blues to take a peek your bound to find one of your favourite games , and to the author keep up the good work.