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Political influence

BANGKOK, Sept 1 (Reuters) - Suree Sukha's hopes of becoming
the first Thai to play in the English Premier League have hit a setback after
his application for a work permit was rejected by the British
Fullback Suree had impressed Manchester City on a two-week trial,
but the Home Office refused him a permit as Thailand are ranked outside FIFA's
top 70 and he had not played in 75 percent of their international matches, the
Bangkok Post reported on Saturday.
Suree, who earns less than $300 a week in
the Thai league, said he was hopeful the club could pull a few strings to get
him on board.
- The Guardian.

No doubt this one will go to the appeals process (although someone at the club should have been aware of the criteria and that Suree failed to meet them) but interesting that Suree thinks the club 'could pull a few strings to get him on board'. Maybe back in Thailand, Dr Thaksin could intervene in such matter whilst he was running the country, but I'm not sure what political influence our new owner has in the UK as regards with work permit applications...