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More trouble for Shinawatra

Manchester City owner Thaksin Shinawatra has had a second
set of arrest warrants issued against him.
The former Thai prime minister and his wife are the subject of a
police inquiry into the couple's alleged violation of stock-trading
Last month saw the country's Supreme Court issue a first warrant
after the pair failed to return home to answer corruption charges relating to a
land sale.
The DSI said a second warrant had been sought as the couple had
repeatedly failed to appear in Bangkok to hear the charges.

The second set of charges brought against Shinawatra, and there could be the possibility of further charges brought should he (and his wife) continue to stay in the UK and away from Thailand. As with the first set of charges however, although there has been no response from Shinawatra or his lawyers it remains unlikely that he would head back to Thailand anytime soon.

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