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Didi Hamman the cricket fan

A little behind with this one but found this article and interview (yes, it's a quiet day City news wise) about Didi Hamman and his interest in cricket, which resulted in a spell in the TMS box during the recent ODI at Old Trafford.

Hamman talks of a wish to play cricket, and whilst the days of dual professionals has long gone there has been footballers in recent times who have been pretty decent cricketers at the same time as they were playing football professionally - off the top of my head I can think of Andy Goram and Steve Ogrizovic playing cricket to a good level and I played a season in Bradford alongside Jonathan Gould whilst he was at Bradford City, but I guess these days (particularly goalkeepers) most football clubs would not too keen on their 'investments' risking injury and bar them from playing other sports at a fairly early age.