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Arsenal prediction

After riding high after the first three games with a 100% record and no goals conceded, this is certainly a game which could bring things back down to earth a little.

Arsenal away is a fixture that brings a little trepidation given our less than stellar history in this encounter, but it will be a good test of the progress made and our ambitions for this season.

Arsenal have taken four points from two games this season but have stuttered a little, particularly in their opener at home where they cam from behind against Fulham to win 2-1. It could be a similar scenario to last weeks derby where the opposition have plenty of possession and territory but struggle to break through something which has been an achilees heel for Arsenal in the past.

I don't see us struggling to keep possession and create as little as we did last week and we should go into this game with a definite degree of confidence, and I think we are well capable of coming away with a point in this one - something most of us would take.

A 1-1 draw with Arsenal again equalising after going behind in a game at The Emirates.

A look from the opposition: