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Weaver snipes at City exit

'One minute we were talking about a testimonial and the next
we weren't talking at all. I found that disheartening,' he said.
'I was told
the contract offered while Stuart Pearce was manager was no longer on the table
and I would have to basically go on trial for the new manager. I found that a
bit of an insult, given that I played more than 30 games last season.
agent made it clear I didn't want to leave City, where I had spent most of my
adult life, but in the end it became clear it was time to move on'.

It's a shame that with the ink barely dry on his new deal, Weaver has decided to air his grievances so publicly (although he did find time to praise the City fans and the 'bond' he had with them) but I would like to believe it was more in frustration than anything else.

It was unfortunate set of circumstances as Weaver was of course offered a deal by Stuart Pearce which went unsigned, and then of course Pearce was sacked and Weaver was left in limbo.

Now that Sven has arrived, the club has decided that Weaver would have to 'earn' a new contract by impressing the new manager - something Weaver has took slight with. I have a degree of sympathy with him and some of the sniping about loyalty is a touch misplaced, after all the club backed and supported him whilst he spent the best part of three seasons out with career-threatening injuries.

All in all, I think the move is for the best for all parties involved. Not everyone is relishing his move to The Valley though.