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The press get one right!

Finally a player that the press pack hordes have linked us to in recent times has actually pitched up at Eastlands as Bulgarian international Martin Petrov succumbed to the Sven-gali like charm to climb aboard the re-building programme.

The MEN (I think) were first up with confirmation this morning, following up from a couple of links posted on here last night (keep them coming by the way) and the usual rumours in the mainstream press.

Not being an avid La Liga viewer, I don't profess to knowing a great deal about Petrov but press reports suggest he is a solid player who has a good club record and has been named Bulgarian player of the year, whilst commentors on this blog have labelled him as a crock who has signed on the dotted line because of the lure of a cool £80,000 per week,

Looking at the facts for a moment (stupid of me I know), but we have added an international pedigree player for a fee that whilst not cheap, would realistically barely sign you a player from the Championship should they hold an English passport (as evidenced recently with Chopra and Nugent).

He has performed well enough in a tough domestic league and whilst there could be legitimate concerns over his injury record he fills a position that we have struggled to fill over (not to mention the problems Eriksson had with England) recent seasons with a number of candidates trying (and largely failing) to do so.

On the face of it, he appears to be a good signing and definitely fits a need in terms of his position. He is expected to make his debut for the club in Saturday's friendly at Charleroi.