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Club to de-list from Plus Markets

Thailand's ousted premier Thaksin Shinawatra has gained
effective control of Manchester City football club and will delist it from the
stock exchange, his lawyer said Monday.

"Thaksin has gained control with a 75 percent stake in
Man City. The next stage is to delist the club from the stock market to become a
completely private company," Noppadon told reporters.

It was always an inevitable, and hardly a shock when the 75% figure was achieved and once the move is complete I guess we will see whether it becomes the armageddon that some have predicted.

There were comments attributed to Shinawatra's lawyer which also suggested there could be players from Italy, Brazil, Sweden and Thailand's national side joining the side - although I don't believe he has always held too much authority when speaking on behalf of the new owner.

So far, all has appeared to go well since the takeover - and certainly Shinawatra's comments in interviews have appeared positive in terms of the current and future plans for the club.

Obviously, it is only early days in the Shinawatra regime and there is the spectre of the charges against him hanging over at the moment, but as he has now gained full control there is little we (as fans) can do at this time apart from to take his actions at face value - and hope that the clubs best interests are always put at the forefront.