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Bitter and Blue fantasy football league

It's finally here and in association with the Bitter and Blue fantasy football league is up and running.

For those who have contacted me already you should have an email with the links etc to join the group, but alternatively any of those who want to join just follow the link and join the 'Bitter and Blue' group.

I'll put a link up on the blog to the page and once the season kicks off I'll post up weekly updates as we go along.


Just a quick reminder for anyone still to join up. There is now a leaderboard link on the right hand side of the page which will update obviously once the season kicks off and a quick overview of the rules can be found here.

As a slight incentive, the guys at are offering a £10,000 prize for the overall (not just Bitter and Blue unfortunately) winner come the end of the season.


Last chance to get a team in before tomorrow's big kick-off. There's a fair few teams in there at the moment so anyone wanting to enter get yourself over to to register.