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Bitter and Blue fantasy football league

In the coming weeks betwen now and the start of the season, Bitter and Blue will be bringing you a completely new fantasy football game for the new Premiership season.

The game will be more feature rich than most other fantasy football games provided by other media outlets. As soon as the last finishing touches are ready by our fantasy gaming partners, the game will be freely available to all visitors to Bitter and Blue in plenty of time for the new 2007/08 season.

Players will have the chance to transfer players in and out of the team as the season progresses, in case of injury, suspension or loss of form, with many new features to give the best fantasy football gaming available.

Stay updated with the latest news on our fantasy football game by visiting us regularly as we constantly update our information on the release of the game, or by dropping me an email at to register your interest.


Thanks to all those who have emailed so far to register their interest. I should have some more detils regarding it next week so stay tuned.