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Agent - Chiellini wants City move

Giorgio Chiellini’s agent has revealed that the Juventus
defender is hoping to join Manchester City this week. The former Azzurrini
full-back was linked with Liverpool in recent weeks and seems set to leave the
Serie B champions after stating that he felt neglected by the club. "I will soon
meet Juventus to discuss Giorgio’s future," said Davide Lippi. "We all hope that
he will soon join Manchester City. "The problem is that in transfer negotiations
there always is a club who sells and one that buys, so I cannot possibly know
how this will end."Chiellini would be thrilled to play in the Premier League
with City, but everything depends on Juventus, on the final price and on their
will to let him leave or not."

Perhaps you have to take what agents usually come out with with a pinch of salt, but on the back of Claudio Ranieri's comments over the weekend it does look promising that we could capture Chiellini - although it appears as though there is a little media posturing to get over first.

Hopefully we do capture him sooner rather than later though, if only to put an end to this rumour.