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Sell your shares....or else

"On Friday Thaksin secured the last two holdings of 3 per cent, leaving only small shareholders of 2 per cent or less.
With City's players to return to pre-season training next week, the club are eager for Thaksin to wrap up his takeover as soon as possible.
"We would appeal to our fans now with small shareholdings to sell as quickly as possible," said a City spokesman.
"Thaksin is approaching the 70 per cent mark now. Things have not been helped by the postal strike today which has delayed things, but he could reach 75 per cent by early next week if things go well.
"If our fans want to see the pace towards a new future they want, then they need to get cracking and sell quickly to speed things along"
-Sky Sports.

Nothing like a nice bit of gentle prodding to move things along eh?