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Onouha pens new deal

One good bit of positive news today came in the shape of Nedum Onouha signing a new four year deal at the club, something that had been put on hold until after the recent under-21 championships in which Onouha impressed in England's run to the semi-finals.

Onouha himself saying:

"I'm delighted the contract is sorted out, I just want to
get back to working hard and playing well when pre-season starts next week,"
said Onuoha.
"I like to think I have been improving game-on-game recently, I
think I have come on massively from two years ago."

Whilst the loss of Sylvain Distin is still a disappointing blow, at least it provides the opportunity to allow Onouha to become a regular along the side, overcoming the injury problems that have stalled his progress the past couple of seasons, and allow him to display his undoubted talent.