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Sven in u-turn on City job?

"City is a big, big club with unbelievable support. It would
be an honour for me to be manager, like it would be for all other managers.
Every time I visited the club as England coach I was struck by the passion of
the fans and was made to feel welcome and at home by nice people. "They have a
beautiful stadium and the possibility of a new owner and of course I would talk
to them if they indicate they are interested in me becoming coach.Established
"City is an established Premiership club with great potential and I know they
have ambitions to be challenging higher up the table."
-Sven-Goran Eriksson.

This coming less than a week after he appeared to 'snub' the club by saying he wanted to get back into club management but it wouldn't be at City - something the press were all too happy to jump all over, and now it seems he is keen after all.

Why the change of heart? Either he was 'misquoted' as he claims in the Inside Story programme or if his original option of club management has now fallen through. It's hard not to be sceptical I guess as to Eriksson motives, but for me if he was available he would be the choice for me.

His record in club management is an excellent one, enjoying success wherever he has been (in Sweden, Portugal and Italy) and his England record stands comparison with other managers. The press never warmed to him not being an Englishman and the country were under some sort of delusion that the England time he had were actually capable of winning tournaments rather than an over-hyped set of players who at best were a quarter-final side.

The one concern I would have is that he has been out of club management for some time, and there is the worry that the game has moved on, but it isn't as though he has been out of football entirely and with his name and money available he would be able to attract players of the calibre that other candidates would not.

This is clearly a huge appointment that the club is going to make, and whoever it is, it needs to be a high profile manager with a succesful track record in terms of results and in the transfer market.

That criteria alone should see many of the names linked with us scratched off the list.