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Supporters Trust membership details

Manchester City Supporters' Trust is now officially registered with the FSA and accepting individual membership. The Supporters' Trust will give individual fans an opportunity to have a say in the way the club is run by acquiring shares in the club on behalf of supporters. It would look to establish the principal of close consultation between the club and its fans, not simply for now but for always. Players, managers, and owners come and go but it is the fans that remain the constant at the club and it is the fans that can safeguard its values.

The Supporters' Trust is looking to attract everyone with the interests of Manchester City at heart. There are two main categories membership currently available: Adult and Junior. Adult membership is available to all aged over 16, with concessionary rates applicable for those aged over 60, and a number of levels ranging from annual to lifetime.

The package includes:

- One share in Manchester City Supporters' Trust
- One vote in all Trust ballots
- Eligibility to attend MCST AGM and other announced General Meetings
- A personalised Trust Share/Membership certificate
- Regular communication via our newsletter. The Junior membership package is as above, but in accordance with the Industrial & Providential Society and Supporters' Trust guidelines, excludes voting rights.

The packages have been devised in consultation with both supporters and shareholders, offering a variety of benefits according to individual requirements.

The Trust have received hundreds of membership enquiries, and this launch will enable us to work towards the aims previously announced which are:

- To acquire on behalf of the Trust a shareholding of over 3% and represent the interests those shareholders
- To facilitate and promote wider supporter ownership of the Club.

As such, we are also now able to register interest for inclusion in the share save scheme, share proxy or transfer of current MCFC plc shares.

For further details (including application forms) please contact and