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Shinawatra takeover 'going smoothly'

From reutuers:

Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra hopes to
complete a takeover of English Premier League soccer club Manchester City in
early June, his spokesman said on Friday.
"Everything is going smoothly,"
Thaksin's lawyer Noppadon Pattama told Reuters. "We hope the deal will be
formally concluded by early June."
Thaksin, who has not returned to Thailand
since being ousted in a bloodless coup in September, made an indicative proposal
to Manchester City earlier this month but no further details have been released
But Noppadon said a formal tender had been made and the deal could be
wrapped up as early as June 2.
But he still declined to confirm the size of
the takeover, which a leading Thai newspaper put at 100 million pounds.

There has been plenty of concern about the length of time the deal is taking, leading to some speculation that the proposed deal may have even fallen through. A difficulty is that there is little in the way that the club can be publicly comment on whilst any takeover is in process - which invariably leads to speculation and rumour.

Early June was always the likely timescale that a Shinawatra deal and if the words from his lawyer are to be taken at face value then it seems the deal is on course to be completed.