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Psycho's Last Stand ?

A quiet week in the build up to the derby, just multi billionaire former presidents, recently capped by England and 2nd best player of the season suspended with the likelihood of him never playing for the club again and other recently capped rising star linked with a move to dark side, amongst other things !!
So we go into our 'cup final' (do i have too pay Red Issue for that?) with even the most optimistic blue as downtrodden as the route from Old Trafford to Piccadilly train station, the feeling is very much one of 'preparing ourselves for the worst'
Scenes from Fight Club have been predicted for the stands as rumours that lots of reds have seized on the apathy and foreboding of many blues to snap up tickets for the city ends of the ground, at least some might stay in their seats at the end whilst the city players partake in the traditional end of season 'lap of honour'.
And then there is matters on the pitch !! obviously Johan (well he thinks he is !) Barton will be missing and never one to do things by halves he took out his natural replacement in Dabo. Thanks Joey. The Rags will welcome Evra and the drugs cheat back to their defence.
On the touchlines Surly Alex has had his usual whine about something or other whilst Pearce has commented on the fact that he believes this game means more to us than their supporters. You know Stu, the media might love you but your fast become the most hated man at Eastlands concentrate a little bit more on your own job than passing judgement on other teams. This just might be your last home game, particularly if it all goes wrong. So save your energy for the dressing room and get them fired up like you used to be instead of this media darling luvvie you have become.
Prediction - 1-0 - our very own georgie boy to complete uniteds greek tragedy.
No Surrender.