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Pearce speaks on dismissal

Stuart Pearce has commented on his sacking, and whilst not criticising the board, did stress a couple of points which he believed hamstrung him in his attempts to be a success in the job.

"Losing your job is all part of football management and
I knew it would have to happen one day.
I wasn't taken aback, shocked or
angered by the board's decision. I am not naive or stupid.
The previous
manager had around £50m to spend and if the club is taken over the next manager
may have £ that sense I feel I have been a caretaker with no money to
spend, getting the books balanced while keeping them in the Premiership."

Granted, people point to the fact he spent £7 million on Samaras and Corradi, but he did have to sacrifice Shaun Wright-Phillips at the end of his first season so can justifiably point to the fact he has had as little (net) money to spend than most City managers in recent times.

I'll have a full review of Pearce's City career posted up over the next couple of days.