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As posted the other I made my way down to the BBC Manchester studios and led to the bowels of the building into a small store room cum studio with a number of microphones and headphones dotted around.

I had a quick chat with the presenter Mark Whittaker, who prepped me a little on what he would run through in the interview and off we went. Clearly a seasoned pro, he ran through the questions in quick-fire fashion, covering the fans view on the takeover, concerns over the future and general opinion on Shinawatra.

All done, I slipped off for a couple of relaxing drinks later and tuned in later to catch my appearance. The programme ran through the first feature before getting onto the Shinawatra one. First up was a Thai professor who gave a bit of background on opinion back in Thailand before the introduction to a City fan for their opinion on the takeover led to the distinctive voice of Stuart Hall coming out of the laptop.

Yep, that's right. Bumped off the interview in favour of Stuart Hall.

I've emailed the producer who first got in touch but alas no reply thus far. Listening to Hall's answers to the questions (exactly the same as fired at me), he was unequivocal in his support of Shinawatra and threw in a couple of comedy voices and anecdotes.

Perhaps I just couldn't match up to the marquee name of Stuart Hall. Hey-ho.

The feature (minus the Bitter and Blue contribution from yours truly) on Shinawatra can be found at the listen again section on The World Today homepage.