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Barton - Most wanted?

The venerable WillieMcKay has been in the press today talking up Joey Barton, and espousing the benefits of what he could bring to a potential new club.

McKay confirmed that Barton is on the way out from City, stating that the club have told him that if the £5.5 million release clause is triggered from his contract he will be sold and McKay has kindly thrown Everton's name into the hat as one of the sides who have ensured his mobile phone has been 'red hot' - interestingly some of the interested clubs are reported to be from outside of the Premiership.

The Guardian ran a poll on it's site today, asking readers if Barton was available on a free would they be happy to have him in their side. Current figures at the time of writing show 77% would not welcome him into their club.

There will of course be no shortage of takers for Barton though, and it is certain that he has played his last game at the club. I expect most interested parties to bide their time though, in the hope that the longer he technically remains a City player the keener the club will be to rid their hands of him.

The one thing I will be most surprised about in the whole saga though is if we do actually get anywhere near the £5.5 million figure for him - as I imagine most interested clubs would be looking at around half of that.