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Sinclair hoping for new deal

Trevor Sinclair has again been re-iterating his desire to earn a new contract at the club as time runs out on his present deal.

Joining Sinclair as a pending free-agent is Hatem Trabelsi and Stephen Jordan and for me it is hard to see that either of the trio deserve to be kept on or nor do I think that the club will offer them new deals.

Sinclair has been surpassed by youngsters such as Michael Johnson and Stephen Ireland, whilst Trabelsi looked promising before his injury problems and Jihai-Sun has since come in and looked as good as Trabelsi has done in the right-hand side position. Meanwhile, Stephen Jordan has seemingly regressed both as a player and in the pecking order, first losing his place to Ben Thatcher following his return from suspension and then with the arrival of Michael Ball.

It is still unsure what the turnover of playing personnel will be this summer, but we need to take steps forward with the squad, and re-signing any of the above trio will not achieve that objective.