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Seasoncard renewal date extended

I see that the club have announced that the date for renewing seasoncards has been extended after 'consultations with supporters', with those having not renewed so far now having until April 27th to do so.

The announcement also came with a message from Stuart Pearce:

"Stick with us, the Club’s going in the right direction. We
have had a couple of tight seasons, we have had to steady the ship, but the
Club’s on a better footing than it was two years ago.
"When you look through
the squad and see the average age, look at some of the young players that have
flourished and there’s a nucleus that’s pushing the squad forward.
"Have a
good long overview of everything that’s happened and make a decision from there.
I want our fans to stay Blue and stick with us."

The issue of renewals has been one of the most talked about areas the past few months since the original renewal date began to come around (at a time when we were faced with the possibility of relegation) and many stories have surfaced of people who know long standing fans who have this time decided not to renew. This week the Supporters Trust also posted about the lack of announcement from the club about the number of renewals so far, and a lot of fans now feel that the benefits of having a season ticket are no longer what they once were - particularly in terms of savings and guaranteeing a ticket, in addition to the quality of football on offer.

The announcement from the club is (whilst a positive move I guess) is clearly a sign that rumours of a lower than usual renewal rate so far do have some substance to them.