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Ranson launches bid

From BBC Sport:

Former Manchester City full-back Ray Ranson has made a £90m
offer to buy the club, reports BBC Radio Manchester.
Ranson, who has
previously tried to buy Aston Villa, made the offer on Monday.
The offer
covers the club's shares, loans of about £24m to major shareholders John Wardle
and David Makin and debts to other creditors.
Ranson, who also played for
Birmingham, Newcastle and Reading, is also said to be prepared to provide a
transfer kitty of around £20m for new players.
Reports in Thailand on Monday
claimed former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, who failed in a bid for
Liverpool in 2004, was interested in buying City with partners from China and
the Middle East.
But it appears Ranson has made a firm offer for the club,
who have been the subject of takeover rumours.

What with the stories surfacing yesterday of the potential bid from the former Thai PM, it seems that the takeover is definitely back on the agenda.

I always felt that once Premiership survival was secured, then any potential takeover bid would likely be firmed up and so it seems to be the case. On the face of it (from reports at least) it appears that the Ranson bid would seem acceptable to all involved, given that it clears all the debts and loans to Wardle and Makin, whilst still allowing a sizeable amount as a transfer kitty.

Reports suggest City will react over the next 48 hours so stay tuned on this one.