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Ranson confirms approach

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Amidst the stories linking him to a bid to take control over the club, Ray Ranson has confirmed he has made an 'indicative proposal' to the board, releasing the following statement:

"Ray Ranson can confirm that he is interested in buying
the club and has, over the past couple of months, made indicative proposals to
the club concerning a possible offer," the statement read."Ray is yet to receive
a positive response from the board to these indicative proposals and is
currently considering making a further proposal to the board of the club."Ray
recognises that the club is heavily indebted and his business plan is not
dependent on leveraging the club further.Operational plan "Together, Ray and his
partners have developed an operational plan for the club that is aimed at taking
the club forward to the next level of its development, both on and off the

In response, the club have remained non-commital - also releasing a statement to the Stock Exchange (which may have earned Stuart Pearce a ticking off):

The Board of Manchester City notes certain recent press
articles attributing comments to Manager, Stuart Pearce regarding the
possibility of an offer being made for the Company. Further to the Company’s
announcements on 7 December 2006 and 21 February 2007, the Board of Manchester
City confirms that it remains in preliminary discussions with third parties that
may or may not lead to an offer being made for the Company. There is no
additional information to be disclosed by the Board at this stage but a further
announcement will be made in due course, as appropriate.

In addition to the latest news, there was an interesting piece on Ranson in the Telegraph recently, which was more general rather than City related, but gave a good indication of how he sees the set up of a football club and where he sees the future of football (and its finance) heading.