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Looking forward

From Sky Sports:

"In the summer, there may be a takeover and they might
say they need a new man at the helm," Pearce told the Manchester Evening
"It is physically impossible to feel secure as a football manager but I
don't see the rest of the season as an audition for my own job.
"I know my
job, what is coming through the academy system and what areas we need to
"I have a list of targets to give to the chief executive. I will
tell him that's what I want and that he has to deliver it for me if he

As I mentioned in the Fulham review, it is amazing what a few positive results can do - and all talk of Pearce being shown the P45 has pretty much evaporated.

Has the recent spell just papered over the cracks, or is their genuine signs of optimism for a long-term Pearce regime?