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Distin set for further talks?

From Sky Sports:

Manchester City have scheduled another meeting to discuss
Sylvain Distin's future, with manager Stuart Pearce underlining that tying the
defender to a new deal remains a priority.
The French star has so far
refused to put his name to a contract extension at Eastlands and, with his
current deal expiring at the end of the season, the issue of his future has
become a long-running saga for City.
Distin has called on the club to
demonstrate that their ambitions match his own, and Pearce will attempt to do
just that when he sits down with the former Paris Saint Germain stopper in
the coming days.
"It certainly won't peter out as far as we're concerned.
The club, Sylvain and his agent have a meeting in place next week," Pearce told
the club's official website.
"We're very pro-active at the moment in respect
to all the players we want to re-sign and obviously the ones outside this
football club that we'd like to bring in.
"We're hopeful, as I have been all
the time.
"I think if you ask me if the boy's heart is in this football club
I would say definitely yes. It's a great starting point for any manager and
"Priorities are Sylvain Distin, there's no doubt about that, and any
other players that are out of contract that we deem need to stay at this

As I have said time and again, if we are to make only one signing throughout the whole summer, then it has to be Distin. His partnership with Dunne is one of the most solid and consistent in the Premiership, and despite the development of Richards and Onouha, it would be a terrible loss if Distin were not wearing the Blue shirt next season.