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Craven Cottage Awaits...

Current Relegation Odds (William Hill, through April 7 matches):

Watford: 1/500
West Ham: 4/9
Sheffield United: 4/6
Charlton: 10/11
Wigan: 5/2
Fulham: 9/1
City: 25/1

Chris Coleman has stated he feels Fulham need two more wins to be safe. Cookie felt that his side played much better at Goodison than the 4-1 Good Friday result indicated. While the Cottagers have been shocking away from home, their Craven Cottage record is respectable (6-6-4, +1 Goal Differential). I for one am nervous about this fixture, as Fulham will be the much more desperate side...they haven't won since February 3, and have to consider themselves firmly part of the relegation battle at this point.

Good news for City supporters in the US: the Fulham match will be televised live on Fox Soccer Channel. Bad news: Monday is a workday for most Americans, consequently the match is at an inconvenient window of time for us (10:00 AM Eastern/7:00 AM Pacific).