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Bitter and Blue Player of The Year award

Just under a week to go now until the 2006/07 season draws to a (merciful?) close so I've reposted this to give anyone who may have missed it originally a chance to vote/comment on their own Player of The Year award which I'll be posting up around the middle of next week....

Last year saw the inaugral Bitter and Blue end of season awards, and I'll be running the awards once again at the end of the season.

One of the categories I put in last time round was a readers player of the year award which was quite interesting to gather the views of everyone who stops by the site.

Again, like last season there isn't perhaps a clear cut winner and I would say there are two or three candidates likely in the mix. As a reminder, this is how last seasons awards panned out

So, with just a couple of games to go here is your chance to get your choice across. Feel free to either email me or fill up the comments section.