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Barton escapes punishment

From the MEN:

JOEY Barton will not face internal club discipline for
his impassioned outburst at Watford last weekend.The England international will,
however, be called in for a chat with boss Stuart Pearce to explain his
views......But the manager indicated he would stop short of slapping a fine
on the player.

"You will have to ask Joey about his emotions and the
words he used. He had plenty to say for himself after the game so he is probably
the best one to talk to," was the manager's guarded response to his feelings on
the subject. Let us hope what he had to say came from a care for the club. "He
doesn't face internal discipline but I will speak to him in respect of my
thoughts about what he said. The reason I cannot go into detail in respect of
what Joey said is that there is so much of it I would be here all