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Arsenal 3 City 1

I was away from the action totally last night so didn't even have chance to catch the radio commentary from the game.

By accounts from people who caught the game, once we got back into it at 1-1 we held our own and perhaps looked the better side. Ultimately though - and perhaps no surprise given Arsenal's record at The Emirates this season, they came back into the game and ultimately ran out winners.

"We set about Arsenal with a game plan and carried it out to
the nth degree, we were a bit ragged for five minutes after they scored but once
we equalised I felt comfortable."We had as many efforts on goal as they did,
even though they kept the ball nicely.Fidgety "In the second half, the crowd
became fidgety and I couldn't see them scoring before a wonder strike from
Fabregas."It is an example of how we have come on that the players were so
disappointed at losing because they felt they were in with a great chance at
half-time."I couldn't fault our effort or application."
-Stuart Pearce.

"I have always felt that as a professional football
player you have deal with that - as a manager as well - when people are coming
here, they pay good money, they can get their frustration out. If sometimes
their frustration is with the team or a bad pass I completely understand that.
It’s down to us to transport them to a different world, when sometimes you
cannot do that they are not happy but you have to deal with that."
-Arsene Wenger.