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Views from America on the eve of Rovers cup tie

I'm carrying cautious optimism (believe it or not) going into the Blackburn match, as seemingly every audible pundit has been confidently proclaiming Rovers to easily advance...often the kiss of death. I attended City's 4-2 defeat at Rovers whilst on holiday this past September, and was taken aback at how many supporters City was able to bring to the ground, as well as how benign an environment Ewood Park was for visitors. Our set piece defence was shocking that afternoon...still have nightmares of MG Pederson's prowess against City...hopefully history will not repeat itself.

The match will be televised live here in the states on Fox Soccer Channel. Amazingly in this day and age, the majority of City matches are now available on tele in America (as long as consumers are willing to pay for the premium cable TV channels, which I happily am). With daylight savings time starting early tomorrow in the US, we get a nice break for a while on the West Coast, only being 7 hours behind England (as opposed to the usual 8 hours, which can be dreadful for the early lunch-time GMT kickoffs).

Here's hoping after tomorrow...for the first time in 26 years...we see the blues in an FA Cup semi final.