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Lost in translation?

It seems that the foreign contingent in the squad have not taken too kindly to Richard Dunne's comments prior to the Blackburn game where he was critical of certain elements of the side - or so says Sylvain Distin:

"The foreign players, particularly the French and Italians,
have not taken it well at is a difficult time but we have to stick
together," he continued. "We have to communicate amongst ourselves and stop
blaming one another for mistakes. Sticking together until the end is

For me it was more of a rallying call from Dunne, but from his comments perhaps it is understandable to infer that he was singling out the foreign players in particular. Still, there didn't seem to be much disharmony shown in the performance against Chelsea so hopefully it is one of these small points that the media seem to pick up on when targetting a 'crisis club'.