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Keegan speaks

Former manager Kevin Keegan was interviewed today in The Independent, reflecting on a wide number of topics such as his time in the England job, bemoaning the explosion of money and foreign players in the game, his time at City and his current venture/passion, Soccer Circus.

Covering his time at City, he says:

"I just see football for what it is, which is all about
money. I find it incredible that a doctor can train for eight years to earn in a
year half of what a footballer earns in a week. And the more they earn, the more
remote they get.
"I didn't close football clubs, I opened them up. These
days, training grounds are like prison camps. At Man City I let the fans in to
watch. They're the fans, they have the right. At the stadium, the players rush
straight in from the bus and when they come out they're straight back on. That's
wrong. Supporters should have the chance to get an autograph, and when they've
travelled two or three hours and seen you play badly they should have the right
to have a go at you, too."

As ever with Keegan, it is an interesting and revealing read and dedicates quite a lot of the piece to his latest venture, something which Keegan appears to have sunk most of his time, energies and money into since his departure from City.