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City And Two Jobs Pearce On The Brink

City -0 Wigan - 1 (Folan 18)

The storm clouds gather over Eastlands after city's 4th straight premier league defeat, brought about by Caleb Folans (another player we supposedly looked at) header in the 18th minute which in truth could have been Wigans third as city left their legs (and minds) in Dubai with an opening 20-30 minutes that brought two words to mind .... Frank Clark...
The man charged with motivating our players of course is the man who replaced Clark at Forest, Our very own England patriot Mr kick every ball Stuart ' psycho' Pearce.

To todays game first , as already stated Wigan could quite easily have been 2 or 3 up by the time Folan took advantage of Nicky Weavers hesitation to loop in an unchallenged header after 18 mins of wigan of domination. You can blame the players for not tracking Folan after the initial header looped up in the box but Weavers one step forward one step back indecisiveness was the killer had he come he would have got a block , had he stayed would have been a routine catch on the line.

To lay the blame for the defeat at Weavers door would be harsh as nobody except Michael Ball emerged with any credit. Stuart Pearce described it in his post match interview as been bullied, I call it a complete unwilling less to compete aligned with the fact that players seemed to be totally clueless as to what formation , who was picking up who and what the game plan was. Either that or they are playing to get Pearce sacked.

You could point to the fact that after the opening half hour we gave it a good go, but in truth we created nothing , despite Filan dropping everything that came his way in the first half. Which pretty much sums up the whole season , OK at the back but if we concede first we are F****d.

Heard a few Pearce out chants after the game outside the glass frontage on the Colin Bell Stand, I would make him stay until the end of the season, he got us into this mess there is no way he is slinking of to the U21's without another major black mark on his managerial record. We should however be looking to replace him in the summer whatever happens, quite simply the guy has been measured and come up short.

The relegation battle starts here.