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Wright-Phillips going nowhere fast

Ian Ladyman has an excellent piece in the Daily Mail about the decline in fortunes of Shaun Wright-Phillips, focusing on the impact that Joey Barton and Micah Richards have made in forcing their way into the squad.

Lifting a section from the piece, it is hard to disagree with Ladyman and he sums up nicely the current fortunes of Wright-Phillips and the direction his career has gone since leaving the club.

"While Micah Richards and Joey Barton will take
something from last night’s debacle at Old Trafford, Shaun Wright-Phillips
surely will not. A failure for Chelsea this season, now he can be dumped in to
the same category for England, too.
On a night of opportunity for some of
England’s fringe players, Wright-Phillips failed to take his so spectacularly
that coach Steve McClaren must wonder whether it is worth giving him another. At
least for the foreseeable future anyway.
The 25-year-old is currently a
picture of misplaced confidence. At his best — during his City years —
Wright-Phillips was a wonderfully instinctive and impulsive winger, a player
whose dexterity, pace and unpredictability made him such a devilish opponent.
Now he looks like a confused, daunted footballer. A man who has forgotten
what it was that once made him so valuable and so dangerous. Fear can do
dreadful things to sportsmen and with Wright-Phillips it is almost possible to
detect it in his eyes".

I didn't catch any of the game last night, but another interesting point that he makes is in taking the BBC panel to task for failing to discuss his performance (or lack of it).

I'm guessing Ian Wright was on the panel then?