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Shooting Stars

'Its just not good enough' as the bloke about ten rows behind me has taken to near constantly singing. He has a point if he is referring to the 'strikers' currently plying there trade for city.
The worst thing about today is probably the fact that it wasn't too bad a performance shooting aside and Reading for 60mins were there for the taking , but too there credit showed why they are knocking on the door of a Uefa cup place by not been at there best and managing to pick up three points. Credit to those who travelled as well , thats one of the biggest away turnouts and city in a long time.

City started pretty brightly and did manage to dictate most of the early play with Ireland and Barton managing to gain the upper hand in the midfield and Vassell looked lively upfront. Not too sure why we are playing the 3-5-2 at home though , maybe Pearce thinks it cute. Barton failed to the lift the ball over the keeper in the best chance of the first half , and the weight that is been put on his shoulders too produce goals seems a bit too heavy for the lad.
Reading did however fire more than some warning shots and had a Lita goal turned in dubious circumstances.

City also managed too have a great chance though Vassell just after the break but he contrived too miss from all of 6 yards and that little voice in your head goes oh-ho.

And so it proved to be as Leroy Lita , who Richards had managed to out muscle for much of the game and keep quiet, popped up on the end of two precision balls (though I will be have a long hard look at richard dunnes positioning when I see them again) to nail shut the game for Reading.

So lets have an in-depth look at our strikers for the remainder of the season :

Bernado Corradi - Not good enough
Georgious Samaras - Not good enough
Darius Vassell - Not good enough
Paul Dickov - Wasnt good enough 3 yrs ago
Ishmael Miller - Unproven
Danny Sturridge - Unproven

When 36000 people can see week in week out what the problem is why the hell did we end up going to within 30 minutes of the close of the transfer window to be turned down for a striker ??