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One more in the name of love.

Well a good and bad day news wise for the club , the bad news first as correctly predicted on these pages yesterday only Michael Ball was added to the playing staff despite reported late attempts at Mido and Andy O'Brien. The O'Brien attempt as a direct result of Nedem Onohua's latest injury, which is a crying shame for him.

On the good news front may I be the first, and possibly only blue, to stand up and applaud the club following yesterdays season ticket announcement.

The decision to set U16's season ticket prices at £95 for any part of the ground is a bold initiative that could reap dividends for years to come. My 4 year old will be certainly getting one now for next year, a quick flick though other sites shows United's lowest price (and only) at £190 and Oldham who themselves having been pushing ticket prices at £115. With a bit of luck City could corner the market.

Meanwhile Adult prices have been frozen, leading too many fans moaning on the M.E.N site claiming that prices should have been slashed mainly due to skys bumper TV deal.
Perversely some are even claiming the non-reduction is the last straw and that they are not renewing. Instead they will watch it at home or in the pub, thus lining sky's pockets further and detaching football clubs further from the fans that once kept them going.

Will be interesting too see what happens with season ticket sales for next year with many predicting a huge drop, I don't think it will be that big.

One thing is for certain Me and the Boy will be there !

Oh and Im aware of others not renewing for reasons other than finance all I can say is at the side of this page are links to bluewatch & mcfc supporters trust. Put up or shut up.