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MCFC Supporters Trust - A view from the outside

Following the post below about The supporters trust boys appearing on Radio 5 tonight, and with the impending meeting on Sunday March the 4Th at the University of Manchester’s Renold Building, Sackville Street Campus, Altrincham Street, Manchester, M1 3BB, I would like to give my views on the trust.

Firstly I have had no direct contact with them , I have deliberately kept my distance but will be attending on Sunday and listening tonight. Initially I was very sceptical about three points but have pretty much been won over and look forward top doing my part. I have listed the three points below.

Power Trip : In all honesty probably my biggest initial concern was that the working party were in this for some kind of power trip/ego massage. The cynic in me screamed that they were just attention seekers ! And early doors when they lost control over some of the press stories seemed to confirm this. Interestingly it only took one action to remove this objection - a simple post on there site stating that none of the working party would be standing to be the trusts spokesman on the board

A Fan On The Board : Covered in some aspects by the above post but I was worried that (if it was an ego trip) the representative on the board could make the trust look stupid if they were forever banging on about buying players, certain players are rubbish change the tactics that kind of stuff. Obviously they are looking for somebody with boardroom experience a wise move that should suit both parties.

Conflict With The Board : Probably not resolved in reality !! The trust have stated they want to work with the board, have no intentions of challenging John Wardle and are not a stalking horse. They have made their position quite clear. The board meanwhile have gone coy pretty much refusing to discuss the trust which as I have stated on here before I find bizarre. There can be no greater endorsement than people wishing to put their money into what you are doing ! The boards reluctance is probably down to not wanting too upset potential investors ?

Im sure people have different concerns and hopes about the trust. I implore anybody who says they care about Manchester City to attend the meeting

You have an opportunity to shape the future of your club. Its not everyday you can say that.