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FA Cup quarter-final draw

Well, that dampened a little of the Wembley dreams didn't it?

Handed an away draw at either Arsenal or Blackburn is not the easiest of tasks now facing us, and I'm sure we weren't the only team out there rueing the pairing of Plymouth and Watford.

Still - and trying to take a positive spin here, it could have been a whole lot worse. Either of the teams we face will likely be bang in the middle of European action and if it is Arsenal they are likely to play several members of their 'shadow' side.

Personally, I think drawing either of Chelsea, United or Tottenham away would have been a far tougher prospect than the one we have been handed, but wouldn't it have been a whole lot nicer to be playing at home?

Full draw:

Middlesbrough or West Bromwich Albion v Manchester United or Reading
Arsenal or Blackburn Rovers v Manchester City
Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur
Plymouth Argyle v Watford