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Club versus Country

As Mr Banks noted in a post last week, it seems that the club were far from happy at allowing Pearce to take the job - but having reluctantly done so, they at least imposed some strict conditions on Pearce. Namely that he will not be involved in any other Football Association duties, including scouting, and any prospective friendly match in March prior to him taking charge for the summer European Championships.

This will now though see the near farcical situation of Pearce being the manager of the side or the friendly against Italy but merely allowed to sit in the stands for the game with no contact with the players. This is something Pearce will possibly be hoping to change, although Trevor Brooking has moved quickly to dispel that suggestion.

Although Pearce gave his word to Wardle that he would not apply for the job should it be available on a full-time basis, he did leave the door slightly ajar with his following comments:

"Part of taking the job now was giving my word to the
chairman that I'll be the Manchester City manager now, at the end of the summer,
and hopefully into next season – simple as that."

"The England Under-21s need a full-time manager – full
stop, without a doubt. I don't think it will be me in the summer, as I've given
my word, and very rarely in my life have I gone back on my word."

Given the fact this is after just one game, given Pearce will lead the side headlong into a full tournament in the summer, could this be one of those rare occasions he referred to?