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Time to renew?

There is an interesting thread currently over at the Supporters Trust over the issue of season ticket renewals, and in particular what options are available to the club. Ollie comes up with a number of suggestions he would like to see the club make.

One thing I would like to see the club offer though is the option of a part-season ticket, perhaps split into three sections of the season where you purchase a six/seven game ticket instead of a full season.

With increased game movement due to TV scheduling and other commitments people have it is becoming far harder for supporters to commit to a full season, whilst offering nothing in between other than inidividual game tickets can only serve to encourage fans to not bother going to a game if they have to constantly buy tickets (and check release dates, how many points they have etc) each and every time they want to go to a match.

I know this is something the club have offered towards the end of the season previously, but with falling attendances and season ticket renewals surely it would be a way to try and entice back some of the fans who are deciding to stay away on a more regular basis?