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Supporters Trust open meeting announced

The MCFC Supporters Trust today announced that they would be holding an open meeting on Sunday March 4th 2pm at the University of Manchester’s Renold Building, Sackville Street Campus, Altrincham Street, Manchester, M1 3BB.

Working party spokesman, Ollie Goddard, commented:

"City fans have a reputation for being both passionate
and fiercely loyal, yet the fans are becoming increasingly marginalised. Our aim
is to readdress the balance by putting supporters back at the heart of our club.
We hope to provide fans with a collective voice, a means of communicating with
club management and a way for individuals to affect the future success of
Manchester City.

We will also outline our aims and proposals and have
invited a number of special guest speakers to voice their opinion on a variety
of football and City related issues".

All City supporters are welcome and the meeting will be used to present the principles and philosophy behind the Supporters Trust movement and the national body representing it, Supporters Direct.

I've met up with a couple of the guys involved and had some dialogue in recent months with them about their aims and what they are hoping to achieve by setting up the trust, and I'd recommend that anyone interested get themselves down there on the day or contact them at

I'll be down there myself so if anyone is intending to get down themselves let me know.