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Sinclair hopes for new deal

A quiet day on the news and transfer rumour front, with the main story dominating City news and column inches is Trevor Sinclair hoping to extend his current deal which ends in the summer.

I certainly don't see Stuart Pearce offering a new deal before the season ends (certainly if Weaver hasn't had a new deal on the table), but is he likely to be with us beyond this season? At times he has shown some decent form - particularly a spell over the first-half of last season was possibly his most impressive (and came in the wake of Wright-Phillips departure), but in the main it has been a stuttering City career as he has never managed to fully avoid injuries.

The problem Pearce faces is we have a relatively thin squad, and if players do leave they do (or should) have to be replaced so the danger if Sinclair's contract is not renewed is are we short of cover? On the flip-side is if we do offer a new deal and he continues to suffer from injuries then we are on the hook for his wages which could have been spent elsewhere (as is the case with Sun-Jihai).

I cannot see Pearce offering any more than a one-year deal to Sinclair - and would be disappointed if he did, and I also expect Sinclair to have to wait until the season end - when Pearce may have more of an idea of who he hopes to bring in for next season.